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Boat Insurance

Whether you’re fishing, cruising, relaxing or just spending time with family and friends we know there’s nothing quite like an afternoon on the glistening water. But while boating is always a lot of fun, having the proper cover while you’re out on the water will leave you with nothing more to worry about than whether the seagulls are going to steal your sandwiches.

To make sure your needs are met, Resilium offers you a choice of two types of Boat Insurance:

Essential Boat Insurance

Covers you for amounts you must legally pay for injury or death of another person, or loss or damage to their property caused by your boat. Cover is limited to $10 million, as well as legal and other costs the insurer has agreed to pay when you make a claim.

Comprehensive Boat Insurance

This policy includes all the benefits of our Essential Boat cover, as well as loss or damage to your boat by fire, theft, malicious or storm damage. It also features:

Two year new replacement if you are the first registered owner of the boat and choose to accept a new replacement hull, boat trailer or motor of the same make, model and price

Up to $5,000 for each rescue charged by a maritime rescue organisation which searches for you and your boat after you are reported missing

Get Boat Insurance

Most boaties will know that life on the water is unpredictable. But life’s too short to dwell on the ‘what if’s’ – which is why you should leave the worrying to your Resilium Adviser. With their expertise, they’ll ensure your boat is adequately covered so you can relax and enjoy being out on the water.